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The Sniper Ops Tactical Tripod is recommended by the members of the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA). This tactical tripod has been added to the NTOA online Member Tested product database.

With NTOA permission, the following reviews are the findings from the NTOA Member Tested and Recommended Program evaluators after their field tests:

“The system comes in a practical and convenient carrying case that can be easily stored in your pack. The various levels of deployment let the system work in a variety of conditions and is quick and simple to set up. I can honestly say I would use this or apply to any spotting scope I have to deploy with. The sturdy construction and precision work in putting it together would make it a great upgrade for your sniper and range work.”

“The weight of the unit is exceptionally light and it is stored in a padded case, keeping the parts from clanking together.”

“Once the head is set on the tripod, it easily allows the operator to pan the scope horizontally or vertically without the all too familiar ‘backlash’ found with standard tripods.”

“This tripod was utilized extensively in several harsh conditions including a limestone quarry and a rifle range in a sandy region of the Eastern United States. This tripod showed zero signs of wear on its finish or parts and functioned exceptionally well, even with sand getting into every crack and crevice.”

“This is a well made unit and is extremely versatile. It can be used as a scope tripod by a spotter, a camera tripod or binocular tripod for an observation or stakeout or an offhand rifle rest. The usefulness and design of the tripod in addition to its light weight would make it a beneficial asset to any sniper / observer deploying on operations.”

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