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 ACCESSORies and adapters to help make your equipment better
Pictured above are two slaved head mounts both with micro-adjusters. The bar on the left hand head mount is an adjustable variable focal length adapter which will situate your rangefinder's eyepiece back to same focal length as the spotting scope eyepiece (instead of having one eyepiece forward of the other). This setup is efficient and convenient for co-witnessing two devices.
The head mounts are slaved together by a removable dowel pin. This configuration facilitates target acquisition for dual devices by moving both head mounts at the same time with same lateral panning movement. Each head mount can be detached and still be used independently if needed. There is no longer the need to have two separate tripods.
Now available are new detachable leg extensions that can double the footprint of this tripod, which enhances stability by mitigating tip-overs at taller heights. These extensions attach to the utility holes at the ends of the tripod legs. They can be folded up, locked, and stored with the tripod, or they can be removed and be re-attached as needed.  These extensions will work on our older tripod models as well.  
We've enhanced the Manfrotto 323 Quick Change / Release adapter by adding two components: (1) Underneath the adapter, we inserted / pressed an aluminum machined part with a channel groove. (2) We threaded one of the existing holes of 200 PL plate and inserted a 1/4" x 20 extended nose set screw. Both components take advantage of the indent holes on the mount of your spotting scope as well as our round nose spring plunger which together precludes your scope from becoming loose after awhile of side panning. Besides the quick on/off change benefits, this enhanced adapter saves wear and tear on the mounting screw hole of your expensive scope.  This enhanced Quick / Release adapter accommodates both the Leupold M4 and Zeiss spotter 45/60. 
Threaded at both ends, and with a universal standard 1/4 inch by 20 mounting screw, this end cap adapter allows you to mount a device such as a Kestrel weather station, a rifle rest adapter, etc., at the female end of rod. This rod cap adapter can remain installed in the rod when storing the tripod. To connect another rod, just screw in the female end of the rod. The head mount will slide over the end cap adapter unimpeded when making height adjustments.
This adapter bar for the Bushnell Elite LMSS has six (6) mil-std 1913 picatinny rail slots as a bonus. The two 10-24 x .75" socket head cap screws fits the screw holes found underneath the LMSS. 
Add a stainless steel base weight (2 lbs, 7 ounces, 2 inches long) to the tripod.

The weight screws on to the base rod underneath the base assembly. Install when needed, remove it when done.

This weight accessory promotes stability when using the tripod at taller heights, particularly with the new leg extensions shown at the top of this page.
This picatinny rail grabber adapter (left picture) accommodates any device or weapon equipped with mil-std 1913 picatinny rails and may be used as a rifle rest with this tripod for M16, M4, or AR-15 rifles installed with picatinny rails.  The 1913 picatinny rail adapter (pictured on the right) will accommodate any device that mounts onto a 1913 picatinny rail.

Shown below, we have a MOLLE POUCH that can be attached to the front of the large MOLLE CASE for storing a second head mount and accessories. The MOLLE CASE has individual rod compartments that keep rods separated and from clanking about.  These are high quality American-made MOLLE cases that are waterproof and padded.   


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