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Sniper Ops Tactical Tripod versus Ashbury TACT3-S with T.I.M.

Sniper Ops Tactical Tripod needs no tool for scope installation and its minimum scope height is eight (8) inches. It also has a micro-fine elevation adjuster head mount version depicted in the above photo.

TACT3-S requires a screwdriver or a coin to install their Tactical Interface Mount (T.I.M.) accessory and its minimum scope height as shown above is eleven (11) inches from the ground. The T.I.M. allows you to invert the spotting scope as well as mount other devices. The above TACT3-S has NO micro adjustment feature and you will need to buy the T.I.M. accessory in order to be able use the TACT3 in prone comfortably. If you want their micro adjustable tripod, you can buy the Ashbury TACT3 Sel for $1,283.

 Sniper Ops Tactical Tripod can be as tall as needed by just adding rods.

The TACT3-S maximum height as shown here is twenty six (26) inches high.

The Sniper Ops head mount has a minus fifty (-50) degrees to a plus seventy (+70) degrees of side tilt. And, you can can set the legs at different angles if needed to overcome uneven terrain situations.

TACT3 provides a +/- twenty (20) degrees of side tilt. You loosen the center column for side tilt. The head mount itself does not tilt.

To go from the prone to a sitting position, you will need to remove the scope and the T.I.M., then re-install the spotting scope upright.

The Sniper Ops stows to a compact thirteen (13) inches and weighs three (3) pounds and fifteen (15) ounces with three rods.

The TACT3 shown above stows to nineteen (19) inches and weighs three (3) pounds and twelve (12) ounces with the T.I.M.

                                  Compared to a Manfrotto 190 Pro B Tripod

  • The Manfrotto has a closed length of 22" versus the 13" for the Sniper Ops.
  • It takes extra work but you can invert a scope with this Manfrotto: 
  • To invert, you have to: (1) extend the Manfrotto's legs; (2) spread its legs outward; (3) remove the center column from the tripod and re-position it through the top yoke of the tripod so it's inverted underneath the legs; then (4) install the spotting scope inverted.
  • There is NO micro elevation adjustment.
  • You can use Manfrotto 190 in prone but the footprint spread is three times larger than the Sniper Ops Tactical Tripod.

        Extra low and prone comfortable for F-Class shooters and Leupold Mark 4 users
This stable tripod provides F-Class shooters that extra low prone setup without the all weight and bulk of a typical high power spotting scope stand.  Our one-inch diameter rods handle the wind better than the 3/4 inch diameter rods used by a number of spotting scope stands.

For the Leupold Mark 4 and Golden Ring Spotting Scope user, Sniper Ops Tactical Tripod will place the Leupold's eyepiece (with the eyepiece oriented at the 12:00 o'clock position) at about thirteen (13) inches high off the ground which is in that prone comfortable height zone for observation work in the prone position over extended time periods. Moreover, this tripod will invert spotting scopes without affecting their optic functionality. 

                    Use multiple mounts, multiple devices on the same visual plane
A number of customers have purchased a second head mount in order to have two devices at the same time on this tripod. The second head mount has been used for devices such as laser range finders and the Kestrel weather station.

The photo above was submitted by GW of Anderson, Texas, who mounted four devices.  
(1) Kestrel weather station installed via our custom rod end cap adapter; (2) spotting scope; (3) Vectronix laser range finder; (4) digital camera to record the bullet's vapor trail.   


In concert with the legs, the head mount with its unique rocker arm helps compensate for uneven terrain to level your spotting scope accordingly. 


This tripod will invert & flip the eyepieces of Leupold Mark 4 Inverted Horus H32 & H36 Reticle spotting scopes.


  Compact yet adaptable to operations in urbanized terrain

  Full size tripod utility

  • What about more height in urban areas for military or police operations?The standard rod is 13 inches long and weighs 4 ounces. With five (5) rods, the height can be extended to about 68 inches, more than enough for use above window sills for observation / surveillance tasks in buildings. 
  • At the risk of losing sales but making a few more friends, we do caution potential customers that this tripod becomes top heavy at taller heights..  
  • However, to mitigate tip-overs, please take a peek at the Adapters & Accessories page regarding a counter balance base weight that mates with the base rod underneath the tripod's base assembly which helps promote stability at taller height applications. PLUS, we are now offering detachable leg extensions than can double the footprint for even more stability at taller heights.

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